A hinge is a mechanical bearing that connects two solid objects, typically allowing only a limited angle of rotation between them. It second most important invention after wheels are indistinct and small but are very useful from the refrigerator to cellar door. Without hinges, the opening of any door would be very difficult. Centuries ago, hinges were made of wood and leather, but now majority of the hinges are made of various metals and very few are made of engineered plastics. Hinges can be formed of various materials, be it flexible or comprising of moving components. They are available in different finishes as well to suit the purpose and color options but antiqued copper, chrome, brass and black are the[…]

Did you know that a proper door hardware completes the overall look of your door? Yes you heard it right, finding an appropriate door handle is as important as finding the right entry door and from a customers’ perspective we understand how confusing it can get. There are many types of door handles, handle sets, and hardware to choose from. Get it all right for your door! These days you have a lot of styles for your exterior door hardware. Keyed entry doorknobs and levers – they usually have a deadbolt above them. A deadbolt is a secondary locking mechanism, operated by a key and a thumb turn. The doorknob is the round mechanism used to open and close the[…]

The right kitchen cabinet can make a big impact on your Budget as well as how your kitchen looks. The most nerve- wracking and difficult decision you can make for your kitchen is to choose the kitchen cabinet. One of the first things you see when you walk in a kitchen and have a large influence is the kitchen Cabinets. Good planning is the best decision you can make while you are choosing to rebuild your kitchen Cabinets. Our hardware agencies in Bangalore have summarized some of the points on how to choose the right cabinet drawer.