Finding the perfect door handle for your doors isn’t just picking out the prettiest color or the one that matches all your other components in that area, reason being each door handle has a different function. Would you be happy to see a bathroom handle on your front door or vice-versa?

In our last blog, we had succinctly briefed on exterior door handles. Through this blog, we will be exposing you to the 7 types of handle designs that you can choose from.

  1. Lever Latch on Backplate

Operating with a tubular latch or box latch which grants access, these are designed for doors that don’t require a lock. They are ideal for bedroom doors.


  1. Lever Lock on Backplate

These are very similar to lever latch styles, but it comes with a lock. It has a keyhole beneath the handle that works like a sash lock. They are ideal for backdoors.

  1. Bath Set on Backplate

Bath set handles are similar to the lever lock. It comes complete with its own turn and release locking mechanism.

  1. Privacy Set on Backplate

It works with a tubular latch and has a turn and release section below the handle. However, there’s no separate lock attached to privacy sets – turning the knob simply prevents the handle from being pushed down and opening.

  1. Lever Latch on Rose

The handles that are connected to a smart, circular plate are known as levers on rose. If you aren’t looking for a locking mechanism, you can get a lever latch on rose which operates via the classic tubular latch.

  1. Lever Lock on Rose

If you require locks that fancy the rose design, then this is the design you’re looking for. The sash lock is linked to the escutcheon, which is fitted just below the lever.

  1. Bath Set on Rose

Much like the lever lock on rose, the door handle is separate from the lock. And again, the escutcheon is found below the handle itself, but rather than a keyhole, it features a twist-and-lock style mechanism.


So there you have it!

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