Home is a place where you feel secure, pleasant and protected. That’s why we treat home like a temple. It is not only a place for living but also a place where our celebrations like festival, birthdays and worships happen. Taking care of security of our home is our own hole and sole responsibility.

We at Chandra Hardware Agency being the best & known Hardware Agencies in Bangalore always consider the safety of your home. So here are some of the hardware equipment’s which you can make use of these to make your home secure.

1.Motion Activation Lights:

The best defense is good offense! An effective method is to lighting the shadow corners of home and access points with motion activated lights, as these wireless LED keep secure every minute.it doesn’t require wirings and it covers up to 400 sq.ft of light coverage.Motion activation light works wonder when comes security of home. Motion sensor lights and outdoor solar lights provide peace of mind that home is always in safe space.

2.Security Camera:

It is another way of keeping home in a safe way. With the help of camera, it can be recorded every second. In simple terms we need indoor and outdoor security camera with night vision and face recognition facility. Put motion sensor lights near valuable places, including detached garages ,vehicles parking places and garden sheds, It should be access in the dark .outdoor solar lights illuminate your yard and fence area to keep intruders and pests.

3.Door Locks:

Door locks are very important when it comes to securing home. Simple method    such as locking door every time when we go out or inside ,to  secure unwanted people to keep away from home.

So having Door Locks is the first step towards security . Visit Chandra Hardware Agency we recommend the strongest and quality Locks for home as we are engaged in providing high quality Door lock and hardware Accessories from many years.

4. Window Fittings:

It is another most important thing to keep in mind to safe guard your home from criminals. To protect all windows Fittings of your home check before leaving, and it better to give spare key directly to neighbor than leaving in mat or any other places. It’s also important to leave keys for any emergencies and helps to check home periodically to ensure. We at Chandra Hardware Agency offer Window Fitting accessories in Bangalore of high quality.

5. Alarm system:

It is one of the top way to protect home from criminals. Alarm system works wireless with help of wifi network and connected to Ios system or Android device. It contains loud alarm and sends notifications to our mobiles in the event of vacation . If the thief breaking your home door while you’re away, this easy alarm installation helps you for your home protection.


These are the steps to keep your home secure from external unknown people. Best thing is to replace all the low quality door locks and window fittings & make use of high quality products for all your hardware requirements of your home. Chandra hardware the best hardware agency in Bangalore provide the high quality Architectural Hardware Products to make your home secure and fashionable. For more info visit www.chandrahardware.com

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